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Hay farms in New Jersey:

alfalfa hay,
timothy mixes, first cut hay, quality hay,
also animal feed grain

New Jersey farmers list your hay here!
 New Jersey hay  hay for sale area city other contact  
 Kilts Farm  grass hay and mulch hay (NW NJ) NWNJ Belvidere 908-878-7227  
 Tim Matthews  2nd cut grass hay, excellent quality, $6.75 per bale (NW NJ, 15mi W. of Hackettstown) NWNJ Belvidere 908-310-0369  
 Hunt's End Farm  1st cut timothy/orchard-grass mix hay squares (2012-$4.25, 2013-$5.25) (14mi N of Somerville) NWNJ Gladstone 201-315-7135  
 Grochowicz Farm Market  hay and wheat straw NWNJ Glen Gardner    
 Brodhecker Farm  farm fresh livestock feed NWNJ Newton    
 DeSandre Bros. Co.  all grades of hay/straw, primarily premium alfalfa, timothy, mixes (Mid NJ, delivery to all NJ) N ENJ Cranbury 609-799-4441  
 Metlars Farms  horse quality hay: timothy-grass & brome-orchard-grass mix(all yr), green squares, delivery N ENJ Old Bridge 732-208-7767  
 Bullock Farms  bagged feed grain midNJ Cream Ridge    
 Patterson Greenhouses  9 types of hay midNJ Freehold    
 B Pleasant Farm  alfalfa, timothy, timothy-mix hay, round & small square bales, nationwide delivery SWNJ Columbus 609-968-0668  
 Scotia Acres  round/square bales: timothy hay, teff grass, rye straw (20mi S. of Trenton) SWNJ Lumberton 856-985-9012  
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